Monday, June 10, 2013

Song of Solomon Week Two

Bible Study Week Two –
Adoration & Thankfulness
By Carri Pratt / Amy Gentry, Editor

“And let the peace of the Messiah,
to which you were also called in one body, control your hearts.   
Be Thankful”
Colossians 3:15

This week read:  Song of Solomon 5:10 – 5:16
Wow!  This week we are privy to a private observation of the Shulammite’s steamy view of her hottie husband!

She starts with the whole man and then compliments him from top to bottom.  She goes into sensual details of her very favorite things about each part of him.

Holman’s literal translation states, the “Shulammite met Solomon’s need for admiration and respect with a catalog of praise in 5:10-16.  Here she lauded both his appearance and character.” (p 286)

A good question for us to ponder is “How often do I meet my man’s need for admiration and respect? 

A fun romantic exercise is to take a moment, sit back and admire the man God has placed in your life.  A flood of memories enter our minds of what first attracted us to our groom.  Watch him, notice his features, observe the way he moves, what is it that makes him laugh?  What is it about him that you like the best?

Let it be said that “(your name here) met (your husband’s name here)’s need for admiration and respect with a catalog of praise.”

Week Two Printable:

Picture what the Shulammite woman was trying to convey in her admiration.  Ponder all of the many attributes/characteristics about your husband that you are thankful for.  Pray for and ask the Lord to search your heart for any areas where you have not appreciated the man that the LORD has given you.

Weekly Challenges - Select one or do them all - your choice!

Declare your love for your husband. Go to Google Images and type in "I Love My Husband"  Select one of the photos it produces, copy and paste it to your Facebook Page.  


This week take some special time to observe your husband.  What are the top 5 things that attract you to your man?  Make a list in your binder.  If you feel comfortable enough, share some with your sisters in the Facebook group.

Adore your husband this week!  Tell him what you think by writing it down.  Vividly describe your favorite attributes and mail it to him at work.  Remember to mark it confidential so his co-workers do not open it.

When your husband does something this week that you appreciate, thank him immediately and specifically for his act of kindness


How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways. List 10 on an index card and the next time you and your husband get into an argument leave it on his pillow.

Find your favorite Wedding and/or Honeymoon pictures and put them in a frame in your bedroom.  This is a great way to fill your spirit with happy memories of that special day with just one quick glance.  A large candle next to your photo is stimulating to light when you want to create a romantic mood.

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