Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2 Cute Tuesday

Song of Solomon Summer of Sizzle
Adoration Basket
Just In Time For Father’s Day! 

Surprise your husband with this basket of praise!  Simply print this week’s 2 Cute Tuesday printable, grab a bowl and some goodies and let your husband know that He Is The Man!!!

1.  Purchase 10 individual items for your husband.  These should be his very favorite sweet and salty treats. Useful items are fun too.

2.  Print the printable and cut out the Gift Tag and individual cards.

3.  Fill out the cards with what you love, adore and are thankful for regarding your husband.  Tape one card to each treat.  Place in a bowl from your kitchen.

4.  Wrap the bowl in cellophane and attach the gift tag.  Optional:  glue the gift tag to some scrapbook paper and fold over for a really cute tag! 

5.  Choose an appropriate time and place to shower your spouse in adoration with this thoughtful gift of your appreciation.

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