Monday, September 9, 2013

T2W Fall Online Bible Study

Psalm 16 – Every Woman’s Journey
By Carri Pratt

Week One – Introduction 

Welcome Sisters to what is going to be an amazing look into God’s Word and what He has prepared specifically for you.  The title of this Psalm is "Confidence in the LORD" and your confidence in Him and the grace, love and mercy He extends to you will certainly be confirmed.

It is by no random chance that you are reading this right now.  God has you here for a purpose.  You matter to Him and He is calling out to you to strengthen your relationship with Him.

You are cordially invited to meet us here each Monday to discover what God wants to reveal to His daughters through His word. 

Every woman must make her own personal journey through life.  It is up to her to decide what that is going to look like.  She chooses whether to go it alone or reach out to her Father God for love, support and guidance.  

“Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name;

you are Mine.”  Isaiah 43:1

Savor the very fact that the creator of the universe calls you His and desires an intimate audience with you!

Meet us here every Monday and I promise you God will show up.  Don't miss your opportunity to witness Him working in your life.

Your Sister In Christ,

Click Here to read Psalm 16 on
Take some time this week to read and meditate on Psalm 16 to prepare your heart.
Next Monday we will look at verse 1 along with Rahab's choice to follow God.  See you then!

Digging Deeper - Notes on Psalm 16:
According to Dr. Jack Hyles, Psalm 16 was written by King David while he was being pursued by King Saul (who wanted to kill him).  Interestingly enough, Dr. Hyles states that this Psalm was used by the Jewish people when facing death. The words of this Psalm are so very important that the faithful wanted to cling to them as either their shield or as the last words they would ever hear on earth.

Isn’t that interesting that in the fearful moments of life we are so willing to seek God’s strength and ponder His words.   The wonderful thing is that we have the privilege of being able to read and ponder these words whether we are in a difficult situation or we find everything running smoothly.   Life will be difficult at times.  Prepare yourself by knowing God’s truth.





Note from the NIV Life Application Bible: “This psalm is often called a Messianic psalm because it is quoted in the New Testament as referring to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Both Peter and Paul quoted from this psalm when speaking of Christ’s bodily resurrection.”


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