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Song of Solomon - Summer of Sizzle Wk 8

Summer of Sizzle
Bible Study Week 8

Praise Him / Serve Him
By Carri Pratt

“My Love Has Gone Down 
To His Garden.”
Song of Solomon 6:1

 This week read: Song of Solomon 6:1-3
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 King Solomon’s favorite place appeared to be his vineyard.  It was a delightful refuge for him; a safe-haven from the daily grind of being king.  He found it beautiful, tranquil and a lush tropical escape.

I must tell you, there are a couple of different views on what “his garden” refers to in this passage.  It may be his actual garden/vineyard, or it might be translated as a physical portion of her body. (Song of Solomon by Carr, 145)  Whichever is correct, I believe he would most probably enjoy his escape.

So how does this apply to our husbands?  Interview a few hundred men and you will most likely find that 99.9% of them, like King Solomon, desire a safe-haven from their daily grind.  They fantasize about coming home to a peaceful environment with a wife that will spoil them rotten by way of various pleasures  stirring all of their senses. 

Think about the five senses for a moment.  There is touch (intimate time), taste (yummy dinners), smell (clean house/candles), sight (hair brushed/cute outfit), and sound (peace/his favorite relaxing music).  One more is on an intellectual level, the need for his bride to admire him as the most wonderful spouse in the world. 

When a wife praises and serves her man in these ways she is declaring, “I am my love’s and my love is mine; he feeds among the lilies.” Song of Solomon 6:3.

More In-depth Study / Personal Reflection 

THE FUN STUFFWeekly Challenges

Praise Him – Take a moment to tell your man that he is the most wonderful spouse in the world.  Remember to say it with your body language and tone of voice too.  Let him know how much you appreciate him and how much you love being his wife.

Serve Him – Try to stir all of his senses, sound, smell, taste, sight and of course, touch.

Sitting down, He called the Twelve and said to them, “If anyone wants to be first, he must be last of all and servant of all.”  Mark 9:35

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