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Song of Solomon - Summer of Sizzle Wk 9

Song of Solomon - Summer of Sizzle
Bible Study Week 9

Capture His Heart
By Carri Pratt 
“You have captured my heart...”
Song of Solomon 4:9

 This week read Song of Solomon 4:1-11 
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Is it just me or does verse 4:9 make your heart race too?  The very thought of a man telling a woman she has captured his heart is the stuff romance novels, movies, and songs are made of!

I understand real life is so much better than romantic movies, and we shouldn’t put pressure on our spouse to be like the fantasy men we see on television, however, who wouldn’t love to hear their spouse say the line from Jerry Maguire, “You Complete Me  chill bumps!!  We see in this week’s passage that the Shulammite woman has totally captured King Solomon’s heart.   

He speaks of her beautiful eyes, hair, teeth, lips, neck and breasts.  He expresses how beautiful he perceives her to be and he could quickly spot her face in a crowd of a thousand women.  He sees her as truly unique.  She was the only girl for him.

What is it about the Shulammite woman that could so impress such an impressive king?  Looking back over the entire text the reader finds many keys to her influence:

          She is assertive   (v. 1:7)
          She is attractive   (v. 1:8)
          She is suggestive   (v. 1:16)
          She is a friend   (v. 2:3)
          She is sensual   (v. 2:4-6)
          She is anticipatory   (v. 2:15)
          She is in love   (v. 2:16)
          She is self-confident   (v. 3:1-2)
She is flirtatious   (v. 5:3)
She admires her man   (v. 5:10)
She is creative   (v. 6:2-3)       
          She is imaginative   (v. 7:11)
          She is dedicated   (v. 8:6)
She is pretty amazing and King Solomon can see what a remarkable wife this woman is to him.

As I look over this list I can easily see that it is quite intimidating.  What the Proverbs 31 woman is to home-making this woman is to love-making.  Put them both together and watch the sparks fly!  

One main thing the Shulammite woman was NOT - she was not distracted from her objective, she was focused on her man.  She was NOT too busy to "sit in his shade" 2:3. A huge disadvantage 21st century women share is the amount of obligations we have and the potential for less than perfect time management skills. 

So what does this mean to me personally?  How could I ever live up to either one?  How can I compare?

Answer – don’t compare yourself to anyone.  Celebrate who God made you to be and what He has designed you to accomplish.  Look upon both the Shulammite woman and the Proverbs 31 woman as excellent guidelines to follow and reference, but be yourself.  Be your best self and be the best you can be for your spouse.

More Indepth Study / Personal Reflection
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THE FUN STUFFWeekly Challenges

Pray for your marriage, your spouse, and yourself

Reflect over the qualities God has revealed in Song of Solomon that increases your ability to capture your man’s heart

Choose one quality to work on this week

Be the best that you can be by relying on and trusting in God

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