Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2 Cute Tuesday Date Can

“Date Me” – Pick a Date can

Friendship is the theme of the week and this can will make spending time together FUN!

What you need:  
Small Paint Can (got mine at Lowes)
Small Popsicle Sticks
Optional:  Glitter Glue & Gems

Step One:  Paint your sticks
You can make this any way you wish.  We used:
Blue = Fun around the house
Green = Shopping!
Yellow = Fun for Me… something the husband or wife really enjoys that you can both do together
Red = Love & Romance
White = Peaceful … a relaxing activity
Purple = Charitable Activity

Step Two:  Optional– For the Female Sticks add glitter glue & gems

Both the husband and the wife will come up with 2-3 ideas for each category.  In order to identify hers from his when selecting the activities we added a little bling.

Step Three: Attach letters to can (call it anything you want - be creative)

Step Four:  Write Activities on the sticks

Spend some time with your spouse discovering what he thinks would be fun activities for each category.  This could be a date all in itself.  Go out to lunch or dinner or go grab some coffee and talk.  It works best if you write down your husband's responses.  This allows him to think freely.  You can transfer the information to the sticks later.

Now have some fun.
Pick a color coded stick depending on what you are in the mood for, shopping, spending time around the house, Fun For Me, peaceful, or do some charity work.  The point is – spend quality time TOGETHER.

Date Can Activity Ideas:
My husband and I spent some time over morning coffee talking about our favorite activities.  I told him the categories and wrote down his responses on a sheet of paper and transferred them to the date sticks.  The great part is that since they are his ideas he will be looking forward to doing them! Here is what we came up with:

His Favorite Activities:                   Her Favorite Activies:
White / Peaceful & Relaxing                        White / Peaceful & Relaxing
          Visit the Botanical Gardens                           Watch Family Videos
          Walk around the Zoo                                      Swimming
          Feed the ducks at the local Park                    Read to each other
Green / Shopping                                         Green / Shopping
          Sporting Goods Store                                    Bath & Body Works
          Western Wear Store                                      Dollar Store
          Polo Outlet                                                   Christian Book Store
Yellow / Fun For Me                                     Yellow / Fun For Me
          Golf Range                                                     Go to a movie
          Shooting Range                                             Get a facial
Red / Love & Romance                                 Red / Love & Romance
          Massage                                                       Massage
          Midnight Swimming                                      Candlelit Dinner
          Closed Bedroom Door                                   Music on Back Patio
Blue / Around the House                               Blue / Around the House
          Clean the Garage                                          Organize a Closet
          Play Chess                                                    Popcorn & a movie
Purple / Charitable Activity                         Purple / Charitable Activity
          Take treats to Dog Shelter                            Take food to Food Pantry
          Take items to Homeless Shelter                     Take clothes to Good Will
          Help a Neighbor                                             Items to Crisis Pregnancy Center

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