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Song of Solomon - Summer of Sizzle Wk 7

Summer of Sizzle
Bible Study Week 7

Friendship – Make it Fun
By Carri Pratt

“This is my love and this is my friend.”
Song of Solomon 5:16

This week read: Song of Solomon 2:1-6
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This week’s passage is capable of taking your breath away.  What woman can resist, “He brought me to the banquet hall and he looked on me with love.” Song of Solomon 2:4.  Allow yourself to imagine being led into the “house of wine” (literal meaning of banquet hall) and having your groom gaze into your eyes with love and longing.

The Shulammite woman is so overcome with passion that she feels faint and requests nourishment, “Sustain me with raisins, refresh me with apricots.” Song of Solomon 2:5.

However, in the verse just before this the Shulammite woman recognizes King Solomon is her friend as she declares, “I delight to sit in his shade, . . .” Song of Solomon 2:3.  She enjoys spending time with him; even if it is nothing more than sitting quietly next to him. (an excellent example for us ladies constantly on the go)

God may be using this passage to emphasize the importance of fueling romantic love with friendship love (Phileo Love).  A husband and wife can face anything together if they have a strong friendship.

What does your guy enjoy?  Does he have a favorite sport, hobby or past-time?  How can you become involved with him? 

Recently my guy asked me to go play paintball.  Honestly, it was a little scary to consider but it was either this or sky-diving, I chose paintball!  We enjoyed spending time walking around Academy picking out my gear.  It was very fun to see how excited he got about every purchase.

When the time came to actually go out onto the paintball field we were a team.  We were building our friendship and I loved it.  I highly recommend spending time with your spouse doing whatever it is that he loves, even if you don’t.  The friendship you build will fuel the romantic love your heart desires.   

Week 7 Printable – More In-Depth Study Materials

THE FUN STUFF… Weekly Challenges

Be Bold!
What does your spouse love to do?  Tell him you would like to participate in it with him.  Then go out and have some fun building a rock solid friendship.

Sit In His Shade
This week when he sits down to watch a sporting event or television program, settle the kids in a different room, bring in his favorite snack and snuggle on the couch together.  Build “shoulder-to-shoulder” time.

Date Calendar
Print out a calendar and mark down at least one date night per week.  It can be an in-house or out-of-house date but it is important to spend time together as friends.  Important – no kids, at least put them in a different room or plan a time after their bed time.  Ask your guy what is his favorite date night? (see our 2 Cute Tuesday “Date Can”)

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