Saturday, November 23, 2013

Advent Celebration

Advent Celebration Introduction
By Carri Pratt

Deepen your family’s appreciation for the true meaning of the Holy Season by enjoying the Christian Advent this Christmas starting next Sunday, December 1st.

The Christian Advent celebration involves lighting a candle each week in expectation of the birth of Jesus Christ. The traditional colors of the advent are purple, pink and white. (see meanings of candle colors below)

This can be a fun and meaningful way to begin Sunday family dinners in December.
On each Sunday before Christmas, a candle is lit in honor of the theme for the week:

Candle lit Week one is for Hope (purple candle), 
Candle lit Week two is for Peace (purple candle), 
Candle lit Week three is for Joy (pink candle), and 
Candle lit Week four is for Love (purple candle).
Candle lit on Christmas Day is for the birth of Jesus. (center white candle).  This candle sits at the center of the Advent wreath as special symbolism to keep Jesus at the center of your family.

It is also traditional to read from the Bible as your family lights each candle. (see Scripture Readings below)  Children love to participate in holiday traditions and having them read the short passages makes it extra special. will be celebrating advent with you, online, each Sunday in December as well as on Christmas Day. Each post will serve as a reminder and include the weekly theme, scripture reading, a suggested prayer and the appropriate candle(s) to light.

We Wish You A Very Merry Christmas!

Meanings of Candle Colors:

The purple color signifies royalty, repentance and suffering. 

The pink color, (according to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops), is different because "on the third Sunday, Gaudete Sunday, when the priest also wears rose vestments at Mass; Gaudete Sunday is the Sunday of rejoicing, because the faithful have arrived at the midpoint of Advent."  

 The white candle signifies the holiness of God and Jesus Christ. This candle also reminds us to keep Jesus at the center of our homes and lives.

Scripture Readings:
Week One - Luke 1:26-38
Week Two - Luke 2:1-7
Week Three - Luke 2:8-12
Week Four - Luke 2:13-14
Christmas Day - Luke 2:15-20 & John 3:16

Supplies Needed: 
Advent Wreath - Can be purchased or made at home
Advent Candles - Traditional - 3 purple 1 pink & 1 white
            Non-traditional - 4 red & 1 white / 5 white
Scripture Readings - Printed above and will also be posted each Sunday morning on and Titus 2 Women Facebook Page

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