Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Intentional Ways

 Intentional Ways

by Kim Hawkins

We have many continual decisions every day that lead us to either life or death. It’s poor choices that can put us on a gradual decline to a place we never intended to be.

It’s being intentional that pays huge dividends. I refer to it as what am I “dipping my hand into?”

When I decided to begin eating healthy, I quickly realized how often my hand would habitually reach for the foods I now choose to avoid.  My hand was like it was on autopilot; it was diving for bags of candy, boxes of snack crackers, empty calories that are a harm to my health before I could think.

I realized this autopilot behavior was controlling many areas of my life. For example, negative reactions to my children and husband, fear over faith, controlling my own life instead of being spirit-led, and also being overcome by negative thoughts instead of dismissing them and whole heartedly trusting God.

There’s two “bowls” or “containers” so to speak.

 Death Bowl
 It is no good, causing stress, high blood pressure, overeating, guilt, addiction, numbing oneself, that all lead to hurtful and negative consequences.

Life Bowl
 Is the best choice. It may not taste the best at first, but it isn’t quickly followed by guilt, regret or shame. It always leads to life, health, joy, and positive results.

With any plan of action, whether it is a workout and eating plan, to further your education, marriage counseling, tutoring or music lessons for your child, we must do the necessary research and/or make a solid plan for our best results.

When I start a commitment of any type, I like to know my starting point by writing down where I am and where I want to be with my goals. As I move forward, I track my progress, which is very motivating to see the changes on paper. This also keeps me accountable.

Several areas of your life may need the autopilot removed from the drivers seat. Just take a plan of action, ask the Lord for his guidance and wisdom, and start today by being intentional with a great purpose.

“….stand and see this great thing which the Lord will do before you.” 1 Samuel 12:16

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