Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Purposeful Pinterest for Fun Fall Ideas

Purposeful Pinterest

Who doesn’t love Autumn? There are so many ways to enjoy this glorious and cooler season. There are endless pumpkin recipes and crafts, the children just LOVE dressing up in their costumes, and the great weather gets everyone outside to enjoy all these fall pleasures.  

Here are a few fun ideas to try this season!

Fall is our favorite time to have family pics made each year! Click the link under each picture for more ideas and instruction..

Healthy, Fun Foods!

 Look how easy these Ninja Pumpkins would be to paint, and they will definitely make your little guy so proud to display!

Painted Pumpkin Rocks are sure to “Rock” that play-date! Maybe Spray the rocks orange before the kids arrive then offer them markers to personalize their fun faces.

I personally prefer homemade costumes to the store bought kind.

How cute are these easy & fun ideas? There’s not much that you can’t make with some fabric or old sweatshirt, spray paint, hot glue, and a little creativity. 

Being purposeful takes a little more focus, but the results far outweigh the effort. My children always notice and thank me when we do crafts and make an everyday meal special with small details.

May your family and home be the center of your attention this season as you seek ways to have fun together and make them feel as special as they certainly are!


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