Sunday, November 9, 2014

T2W Book Club Lies Women Believe

Lies Women Believe by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

“God's intent was that each successive generation should receive His grace, keep His covenant, and then pass it on to their children.” (177)

This week read chapter 7: Lies Women Believe …  
About Children

Countering Lies with the TRUTH about Children. . .

27.    Lie:           It's up to us to determine the size of our family
        Truth:        Children are to be received as a blessing from God.
        Verse:       1 Timothy 2:15

28.    Lie:           Children need to be exposed to the "Real World"
        Truth:        Our task is to bring up children that can change the world
        Verse:       Romans 12:2

29.    Lie:           All children will go through a rebellious stage
        Truth:        If parents expect rebellion, they will probably get it.
Verse:       Psalm 78:1-7

30.    Lie:           I know my child has been a Christian since an 
                          early age
        Truth:        Do not give your child a false sense of hope. 
                         Pray for your child. Model the meaning of salvation.
        Verse:       Hebrews 3:14

31.    Lie:           We are not responsible for our children turn out
        Truth:        Parents will give an account to God for the life He entrusted 
                        to them.
        Verse:       Hebrews 13:7

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