Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lent Day 8 - Issues of the Heart

A Spiritual Journey towards faith in Jesus Christ for Children

Day 8 - Issues of the Heart
Family Scripture Reading: Matthew 5:21-48

Family Discussion Starters:

 Today's reading is really important for children to understand. The Lord discusses the "heart of sin" regarding murder, adultery, divorce and others and shows how simply being angry with someone is like murder and looking at someone with lust is like adultery because they are a matter of the heart. 

Talk to your children about how sin starts, as a thought before it becomes an action. Our thoughts and hearts need to be pure and this only happens by being cleansed by Jesus Christ our Savior. Tell you children that when we have received salvation we have the Holy Spirit living inside of us to give us strength to overcome our sinful thoughts and actions.

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