Monday, February 22, 2016

Lent Day 11 Ask Seek Knock

A Spiritual Journey towards faith in Jesus Christ for Children

Day 11 - Ask Seek Knock
Family Scripture Reading: Matthew 7:7-12

Family Discussion Starters:

Do you think we can ask anything of God and He will give it to us?
(Let your children know that it is important to understand that God is not a "vending machine" or a "magical genie that grants wishes" rather He is a loving Heavenly Father that ensures our needs are met when we ask Him.)

Why do you think we might ask something of God and not receive it?
(The Book of James is very helpful for this question. Read James 4:2-3 which first tells us that we have to ask God and secondly we must ask with the right motives not just to have worldly pleasure but to help our family and others and to bring God glory.  If we never ask, we will never receive. Also it is important to understand that sometimes the answer is "not now.") 

What does it mean to Seek and to Knock?
(The way we seek God is through reading His word and through prayer. To knock is to look for the open doors God has placed in our path and have courage to walk through them with the power of the Holy Spirit as our guide.)

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