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Sharing Sister Sites

Sharing Sister Sites – Women of Worship
By Carri Pratt

Mandy Kelly is the woman behind Women of Worship. She says her passion lies in two things: The Word of God and the Souls of Men (and Ladies!).  Her website and Facebook page provide inspiration to all who visit.

I wanted to share a letter Mandy wrote back in February. As we approach the Easter season, our hearts and minds should grow closer to, and meditate upon, what should be the central focus of our life, Jesus Christ. 

Mandy's letter gives us wonderful encouragement for those times when we feel alone in the world:  

Dear Lonely Lady,
You were never meant to walk alone. From the very beginning of creation – God did not desire you to be alone. The very reason you were created was to be with God. He wanted worshipers. Your second purpose for creation was to be a help meet to the man that God would take you to. Never were you meant to walk alone.

This isn’t to say at times you won’t feel alone. Sweet friend, there have been many times I have felt alone. I believe God brings us to these places of loneliness to remind us of our need for connection. Yet, filling this loneliness hole with anyone but God can be very dangerous.

God didn’t give you marriage to complete you. He gave you marriage to live out His commission in your life. Oh sweet one, don’t try to let your husband fill that hole only Jesus can fill. Your husband is human. A man dwelling in flesh. Even if he is Spirit-led and a believer in God, your husband will fail you. At those times- you might feel alone. Remember to allow God to permeate every area of your life. Let him be the one who is constantly pursuing you. Feel His love. Run to His arms of safety and comfort.

God didn’t give your children to complete you. He gave them to you as a gift and a reward. They are your heritage and a blessing from above. Yet, they were never meant to be your completion. They are a mission field that live inside your home. Often, they can consume all of you – to where you have nothing left to give. In these moments, you might feel lonely. Run back to God – to the well that never runs dry, and find your completion there. Know that He can fill all your areas where you are left wanting and needing to be more. He is more than enough.

God didn’t give you friendships to complete you. He gave them to be objects of accountability, encouragement and iron to sharpen iron. Your friends are going to let you down. They won’t always be able to answer the phone or text message. They will not be able to meet your deepest needs. Only God can truly be a friend that is with you at all times, in every season, no matter what. Allow Him to be your Best Friend. He will never fail you, never speak evil against you, and never leave you lonely.

Dear One, please run to God. I know it can be so hard to – we want to be so many things to so many people. The best way that we can be anything for anyone is to be constantly conformed to the image of Christ. In our personal walk. In Our Marriage. In Our Parenting. In Our Friendships. Only God can be everything we need.

Your are Loved by a LOVING God. He is enthralled with your beauty. Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you.

Thank you Mandy for your wonderful words of encouragement!

Ladies, you can visit Mandy at:

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