Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Love is a Choice (Are you hindering love?)

Love is a Choice (Are you hindering love?)
By Kim Hawkins

 Making judgments against someone prevents that relationship from being what it should. For example, When looking for a tool in the garage or picking up after my hubby, my old self would be irritated and judgmental toward him as I look through his unorganized tool drawer.

I am making a choice to judge him harshly instead of extending grace and unconditional love. If you think he needs to hear me say it or be there for it to affect him, you are wrong. I did it wrong long enough to know that every choice counts in love. All our thoughts and body language are either draw us near to someone or push us apart.

My thoughts now delight in my darling husband, in every single way. I adore that man and I cannot believe I used to see mostly negative. The negative thoughts produce more and more bad thoughts. Our thoughts lead what we see in a person or a situation. Thoughts then lead us to respond according to what we are already thinking. 

I had a drastic change in attitude and thoughts that has changed everything about our marriage. Rejection will show whether you only think these things to yourself or say them directly to a person.

Just think children and even pets know who will and who won’t receive them with love. We are naturally drawn to those who choose to love.

Judgments make like an invisible force field that prevents peace, love, and unity. It could be against one person, against an entire race, nation, or group of people. 

Refuse to entertain the downward spiral of destructive thoughts and replace them with grace and mercy just like God does for us, you will see that every thought and action produces an outcome.

I challenge you to try this with your parents, siblings, children, husband, neighbors, or a strained friendship, and change your thoughts. Pray about where you may be doing this and what the root of it is. Ask the Lord for forgiveness and then move forward in love.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. Isaiah 55:8

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