Sunday, September 30, 2012

Scattering Seeds...The Bank Associate

Scattering Seeds … The Bank Associate
By Carri Pratt

I recently misplaced my debit card and went to my bank to have it replaced.  With three children in tow I entered the bank, was greeted by a sweet young woman, got my children settled with crayons and coloring pages and was approached by a tall dark haired young man who led me into his office.

I placed my “cross” purse (a leather purse with a large silver cross on the front) on his desk and then took a seat.  I explained my situation and he assured me he would be able to assist me.  As he began to type into his computer I felt a very strong prompting from the Holy Spirit to start a spiritual conversation with him. 

“Really?” I questioned, “I’m just here for a debit card!”  “Yes” was what I heard in my spirit.  I then quickly decided what I would say and proceeded, “Are you Jewish?”  I asked as he actually did have that appearance.  “No, Palestinian.  Close though.” he answered.  “So what religion are you?” I asked.  “Muslim” he responded.

It was quiet for a moment as I regrouped.  I had never talked to a Muslim before and had many questions I could ask.  A friend of mine always tells me that there is power in the Name of Jesus;  I thought about how I could verbalize this power.  I looked at the large silver cross on my purse, “So, does this cross on my purse offend you?”  I asked.  “No.”  he responded. “So, you don’t believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God?” I asked.  “No” he answered.  “I’ve heard.”   I continued on, “that the name of Jesus is in your Quran.  Is that correct?”  “Yes it is.”  He looked at me waiting for my next question.  “So, who do you think Jesus is?”  I asked.  “A prophet” he answered. 

I could hardly believe I was having this conversation with a Muslim man and he seemed quite relaxed and ok with me asking him questions.  The power of the name of Jesus Christ was spoken and lingering it in his office.

He then got up to get my temporary card.  I felt as if our spiritual conversation had come to an end.  After he left his office I bowed my head and prayed over his desk that Jesus would open his heart and mind and become known to him as his personal savior.

He quickly returned and our business was concluded.  I retrieved my children and allowed them each one lollipop.  When we got to our vehicle I told them what had happened and we all prayed as a family before leaving the bank parking lot.

This is just one example of how we as Christian women can be faithful to the prompting of the Holy Spirit within each of us.  It is not required of us to obtain a profession of faith, evangelism is about being obedient to plant a seed.

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