Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lies Women Believe

By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Lies Women Believe is one of our favorite books of all time.  Nancy Leigh DeMoss does not beat around the bush or tip toe around any issues.  She shoots straight from the Word of God.  This book is no different, she counters many of Satan’s lies that he uses to bring women down such as: doubting ourselves, feeling like failures, and discontent to name a few.  If you find yourself constantly believing negative thoughts read this book.  It is chalk full of scripture and truth for you to put in your tool belt when under attack.
Maybe you don’t even realize you are believing lies, read this book to see how some worldly views have crept into your thought process you don’t even realize they are lies.  The book covers:
Lies about God
Lies about Yourself
Lies about Sin
Lies about Priorities
Lies about Marriage
Lies about Children
Lies about Emotions
Lies about Circumstances
Nancy will help you walk in truth so that you may be set free!

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