Thursday, September 6, 2012

Darth Dad

by Jenn V.

Proverbs 18:22 “He
who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the LORD.”

Yeah, I know I know, I’ve referenced Star Wars before, but give me a break.  I grew up a tom-boy in the 70’s and live in a house full of men.  We quote, reference, make fun of Star Wars and other manly-man movies all the time.  I haven’t seen a good chick-flick since Steel Magnolias.
My husband is going back to school to get his masters degree.  He’s taken two classes already and started his 3rd in July.  Normally, my husband is about as low-key and laid-back as a hound dog in the summertime.  But since he’s gone back to school, a new “dark side” has surfaced a few times that I have never seen before and I call him…..Darth Dad.  The hubs is super stressed right now.  He knows it and he’s apologized every time Darth Dad surfaces.  I must think of ways to help reduce that stress for him.  He works all day and comes home and disappears to go study every night.  I would be grumpy too!
That verse sounds like Martha Stewart wrote it, but in fact it was King Solomon.  I want to be “a good thing” for my hubs.  I want to live up to that verse.  So since I shouldn’t really do his schoolwork for him (thank goodness!), I will pray for him.   When your hubs is under stress, tell him you are praying FOR him and pray WITH him.  Have the kids help out with doing his chores – Give him a massage – Have the home in order and kids quieted down – Make sure he’s getting rest and getting breaks etc.  Be a “good thing” for your man!
CHALLENGE:  When your hubs is under great stress, what things can you do to help him out?  Ask him for suggestions.

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