Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Titus 2 Cute Tuesday - Love Candle

Love Candle
“My Beloved is Mine and I am His” Song of Solomon 2:16

A fun way to express your desire for intimacy with your husband or a way your husband can express his desire for you!  Just have this candle sitting on your bedside table and when the mood strikes, light it for your spouse.  Don’t be surprised if you find it lit one night!  Your husband is simply saying, I Love You!

What you will need:

Decoupage, plastic container, tissue paper (any color), glass votive holder, tea light, sponge or paint brush, Bible Verse printed on plain or parchment paper.

Pour decoupage into plastic container and tear tissue paper into small pieces.

Paint decoupage onto glass votive and attach tissue paper.  Paint decoupage over tissue paper. Make sure entire glass votive is covered with tissue paper.

Put Bible verse on front side of glass votive.  Paint decoupage over Bible verse and pat down.

Insert tea light.

Light at will!

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