Tuesday, February 28, 2012


by Jenn V.
Last year our church taught us an easy way to share the Gospel…I loved the way it was explained, because it took me out of the equation.  I grew up in church and have always known the importance of God in my life.  We had family Bible studies and discussions about God frequently, so I do not have a specific date of when I was born again or transformed from one way of living to another.  I have certainly made many mistakes in life and tried living without God, but because my parents were always open and honest about God, I always knew that He loved me no matter what, just like they did.  As I grew up, my relationship with Christ as my savior changed and grew.  As I grow older now, my relationship with Christ is hopefully maturing and progressing forward, to be less about me and more about Him.  So when our Adult Ministry Pastor came to our Sunday school class and shared this easy explanation of the Gospel without having to have a personal transforming testimony, I wrote it down in my Bible!

How would you feel if your boss refused to pay you the wages that were due to you?  Deep down, we all know that it is only right that we get what we deserve. Similarly, we earn wages from God for how we have lived our lives.

What do you think about when you hear this word?  Sin is more of an attitude than an action. It can be either actively fighting God or merely excluding Him from our lives. Has God ever seemed far away? If yes, that's one of the things sin does-it makes God seem far away. Look at the two opposing cliffs with a gap in between.
What thoughts come to mind when you see the word “Death”?  Death in the Bible always means some kind of separation.
This word is important because it means that a sharp contrast in thought is coming. What we have just looked at is bad news; what follows is good news.

Look at this word.  If wages are what a person earns, then what is a gift?  Someone must purchase every gift.

Look at these words.  This gift we are talking about is free. It is from God Himself. It's so special that no one else can give it. How do you feel when someone gives you a special gift?

How would you define these words “Eternal Life?”  Compare one side of the cliff, death, with the other side, eternal life. What is the opposite of separation from God?

Draw these words so they create a bridge between the two cliffs. Consider that every gift has a giver and only Jesus Christ can give the gift of eternal life.

Friends trust each other; and Jesus wants a trusting friendship with you. All you have to do is admit that you are responsible for the "sin" you have committed of either fighting or excluding God from your life. That is what trust means - trusting that Jesus wants to forgive all of us for rejecting Him from our lives.  Do you want to start a relationship with God that will last forever? If yes, pray this short prayer with me.   Dear Lord, thank you so much for your free gift.  Please forgive me of my sins and make me whole.  I give you my heart today and help me to live a new life in you.  In Jesus name, Amen.
This simple illustration shows what God is like: Someone who really cares about people, especially you.  Please read all about it in the Bible, perhaps beginning in the gospel of John.
From: One-Verse Evangelism, by Randy D. Raysbrook via www.Navigators.org

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