Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mom's Heart Conference

Thoughts from the Mom’s Heart Conference
by Suzie M.
This past weekend I attended Sally Clarkson’s Mom Heart Conference.  The weekend was filled with the Holy Spirit, encouragement, laughter and tears.  I have never left a weekend conference thinking I can’t wait to get home to spend time with my children, read to them more, disciple them better, and the best of all enjoy them.
I gleaned so much information this weekend I am literally taking some time to just pray over my notes, and like Hezekiah lay it before the Lord to see what I need to prioritize and implement.
Here is a list of some of my favorite “Pearls of Wisdom” from all the speakers at the 15th annual Mom Heart Conference:
o    Embrace Motherhood, it’s not a sacrifice it’s a gift.
o    Look at myself through the eyes of my children – I am their superhero, rock star etc, and God chose ME to be mom to these children.
o    Satan is ready to attack.  Be a woman of action!  You will face opposition in the form of distractions, be persistent and do not allow your time with the Lord to be taken away.  Be the next Nehemiah and build a wall around my “Jerusalem”, to raise up the next generation for Christ.
o    I am the bible my children are reading. 
o    Parent in their heart, be their advocate.
o    Be a grace filled parent.  Grace is not communicated by shame, guilt, impatience, agendas, distractions or anger.
o    Am I compromising my ideals?  Do I have people in my life that will hold me accountable to my values?
o    A Christian is either growing or dying, there is no in between.
o    We want to build an estate not a condo, building an estate takes a lifetime, planting one day at a time.
o    In the absence of biblical conviction you and your kids will go the way of culture.
o    In the absence of a loving relationship you and your kids will go to culture to get love.
o    As Christians we can’t be conformed to the “Christian world” either but we must have biblical conformity.
o    Feed your mind/life on people who have fed their mind on God.
o    Trust God with your puzzle, how to put your family together (school, sports, church, discipling etc.).
o    Put down the work and pick up the child.
o    We can’t live by a formula there is none, we must live by faith.
o    Am I a good steward of my children’s minds (mine too)? Give them stories that invade their hearts, give them my own God stories.
o    AM I creating a living loving culture? Guilt or grace?  Freedom or legalism?
o    Whatever I put in my children is what is going to come out.
o    Create a culture that breathes God.
o    Lastly, our children are like gardens.  We have to plant what we want to harvest.  If you leave open spaces, whatever “blows” along or what you don’t intentionally plant will fill in those spaces.  Plant the best for the best outcome.  If your kids hearts are hard (just like hard soil) you can’t plant anything, you must work to soften their heart and then plant the seeds.  Love is the water for your “garden”.

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