Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Q & A

Q: Why is the word Lord in the Bible sometimes written as “LORD”?
A: LORD is God’s holy covenant name; the name of a faithful God who enters into agreements/promises with his people.  Throughout history, this name is thought of as too holy to be spoken aloud, YAHWEH (Yahweh is a modern pronunciation), it is the most frequent usage of his name in the scriptures, used about 6,800 times. 
Q: How can this knowledge help you understand what you are reading in your Bible? 
A: When you are reading a passage in the Bible and you read the word “LORD” you should pause and ask God, “Is there a promise to your people in this passage?  What is it?  Is this a promise you are making to me?  How does this promise apply to my life?"

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