Friday, January 27, 2012

Book Corner

Secrets to Getting More Done in Less Time
By: Donna Otto
Donna Otto is a gifted speaker who loves the Lord and loves helping other women.  In this book she gives great tips on how to organize your entire life, with time left over to have fun and do what you really want to do.  Donna used to be a disorganized mess, she’s even hid her dirty dishes in the dryer when company came over.  Now she doesn’t go anywhere without her planner and encourages women to empower themselves with wonderful tools within her book to help you get organized.  Numerous tips and pages you can copy right out of the book to make your own planner.  Sit down with a highlighter and get ready for a makeover.

Simplify Your Life

Are you always late?  Do you think you are organized?  Do you have piles of paper in the kitchen or “office”?  This is another great book with so many stories of women just like you with real issues and real solutions.  Marcia Ramsland gives you helpful steps to simplifying your life.  Her tips have been found in many organizational magazines and appearances on TV.  She too talks about creating a “planner”.  You can answer a few simple questions to evaluate if you really are an organized person.  Best of all she ends each chapter with a simple prayer.

Both of these books are must haves if you want to declutter and simplify your life.

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