Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Esther- For Such A Time As This Chp 1

Bible Study:  Esther, For Such A Time As This
Carri Lynne Pratt 
"In the third year of his reign (King Ahasuerus) gave a feast for all his officials and servants. The army of Persia and Media and the nobles and governors of the provinces were before him, while he showed the riches of his royal glory and the splendor and pomp of his greatness for many days, 180 days" Esther 1:3-4

Happy New Year!  There is no better way to begin a new year than in God's word, so please join us as we read through the Book of Esther leading up to Purim on Feb 28th - March 1st.

As we read we will discuss and practice Spiritual Disciplines that will prepare us for those moments that truly matter.  Christian women need to be ready when God presents us with opportunities and challenges, so strengthen yourself with the bread that nourishes.

You can listen to Esther Chapter 1 @ Biblegateway

This study will be published each Tuesday from Jan 2 to Feb 27 with a video posting of the reading of Esther on Feb 28th.

A few things to consider as your read / listen:
Esther is a hero to the Jewish people and she is celebrated once per year on the day of Purim. The Jewish custom is to begin a holiday the night before and end it at sundown the day of (somewhat like Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) therefore, this year Purim begins on the evening of Feb 28 and ends at sundown on Mar 1, 2018. (The dates change each year)

The Book of Esther is known as the Megillah by the Jews. They read (and act out) the entire book on the day of Purim.
There are only 2 books of the Bible named for women, Ruth & Esther.

Esther was a Jewish orphan who was raised by her cousin Mordecai. Her Jewish name is Hadassah.

It is believed that Mordecai may be the author of this Book as it states in Esther 9:20 "Mordecai recorded these events."

This event began in 483 BC, the year of the banquet.  

A 180 day banquet seems like an endless party, yes 6 months! However, historians tell us that King Ahasuerus used this time to recruit support for a battle he was planning to invade Greece.

Map of Persian Empire under King Ahasuerus

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