Saturday, March 19, 2016

Lent Day 34 The Last Shall Be First

A Spiritual Journey towards faith in Jesus Christ for Children

Day 34 - The Last Shall Be First
Family Scripture Reading: Matthew 20:1-16

Family Discussion Starters:

Jesus often used Parables to explain things to the people. A parable is a story that teaches a lesson. What is this parable about?
(A vineyard owner, his workers and the wages he pays them.)

Who do you think the key characters represent?
(The vineyard owner is God and the workers are Christians)

If taken literally, this parable might seem unfair. However, can you think of another way it might be interpreted?
( According to - "Entry into God’s kingdom is not gained by our work or action, but by the generosity of God.")

Why would being last be a good thing?
(Jesus said that the most important commands were to Love God and to Love our neighbor. When we allow others to go before us we are showing our love for others above ourselves. If we want to be first all of the time we are showing love for ourselves alone.  This shows if our hearts are right with God.)

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