Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Getting Tidy, ahhhhhhh


Getting Tidy

by Kim Hawkins

The stress and chaos disorder brings effects your family in so many ways. Children especially get over-stimulated by too many things. If your husband is like mine and his Love Language is Acts of Service, he will really appreciate your determination to tidy up.

 My husband was once so giddy one particular evening, I mean like I've never seen before.  I couldn't figure out why? Then, it hit me. A friend had come over that day to help me purge and reorganize our master closet, taking 5-6 bags of things to donate. It was pure joy that he was feeling from our great looking closet!! So, now imagine what a beat down a messy home does to your hard-working hubby?!?  

I just started the very popular book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. I am already so excited about getting our whole home in order, but here are a few things I am already doing that work.

This "drawer" (plastic bin) was used to hold all our sippy cups and lids. Sadly, we are past that stage, so now it holds our protein shakers and Magic Bullet and parts.

My jewelry stays neat and easy to see in this super-cute divider tray in my bathroom drawer. Plus, makes me feel kinda special, like a celebrity. :-) P.S. You can always line the tray in cut felt squares like a jewelry box. 

These are pictures of our closet under a staircase that we lovingly call the craft closet. I really wanted to make great use of this space, so when we moved in this house almost a year ago I had several things tweaked by a carpenter. This closet got narrow shelving installed on one wall that perfectly fits The Container Store's clear storage boxes. Each box has similar items grouped together and easy to see. Easy-peasy storage for ribbons, gift tags, ink pads & stamps, electrical charging cords, glues, tapes & twine, pens & pencils, party supplies, paint and brushes, dog leashes, and more! 

 My kids use a reusable water bottle everyday, and yes, we need this many! They take filtered water to school and to sports. Half of them are usually in the dishwasher, so we need lots! Here is the most effective storage solution I have found thus far. 
A huge bonus, this narrow cabinet is right by the fridge! Oh, yeah! Makes Mama HAPPY!

"But all things should be done decently and in order." 1 Corinthians 14:40

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