Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Purposeful Pinterest

Purposeful Pinterest

As summer break ends and as the school year nears, I start getting control of our house.

 Simplicity and Order are my main goals. I’ve already cleaned out most cabinets and drawers and grouped like items together, so that “everything has a place and everything will be in its place.” While getting rid of all unused items, you will feel so light and free!  

Just say “No” and get the kids involved. Everyone LOVES peace! Eliminating your home of mess and disorder equals eliminating stress and chaos in our home and family.

Picture this: No running around looking for lost items that make you late for school. No yelling, arguing, and stress, only…
Peace and Calm

First, here is a great countertop system for loose papers and a master calendar. Click the link below the picture for a full description.

Second, having a plan for hot, delish meals—what a great way to give love to your dear, hardworking man and exhausted kiddos. Below you’ll find a link for great ideas that you can either implement exactly or tweak to meet your criteria.

Whatever you do and however you do it, let’s make this a GREAT school year and to help the loves we've been trusted with a pure heart.

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