Thursday, March 20, 2014

Scattering Seeds - Pray Over Them

Scattering Seeds – Pray Over Them
By Carri Pratt

My family has a running joke about me and my multitude of cellular phones. I buy them like most women buy shoes. I think I’ve had around twelve different numbers in the past year, no kidding. So, this past Christmas what is my favorite purchase but a new phone!

As I stand waiting my turn to purchase it I notice that my sales associate looks a little down. “How is your Christmas going?” I inquire. “OK” he says with a sigh. Definitely not believable.

After a year of scattering seeds I am feeling rather bold and go directly to the heart of the matter, “Do you have Jesus in your heart?” I ask. He looks at me rather slyly, “maybe that is what feels different this year. I was baptized, but I feel lost.” he replies.

“May I pray over you?” I ask as the Holy Spirit is pushing me in this man’s direction. “Yes” he says as a look of surrender comes over his face. Now, I would like to say that we immediately prayed, but as timing usually has it, three ladies with a cart full of Christmas treasures pulls up and our moment is suspended.  Luckily I am still waiting to purchase my phone so I have a great reason to wait.

God does that quite often if we can just take a moment to see it. He is the one who creates opportunities and doors for us to walk through. He is the miracle that we can be blessed to witness when we act on the promptings from the Holy Spirit.  It is something all Christians can experience.

Once the shoppers walked away I was able to place my hand on this man’s shoulder and pray over him the sweet words of requesting Jesus to fill this man with His presence and help him to not only have a blessed Christmas season but a life filled with hope and joy and light that he can extend to others. 

"Yet, Lord my God, give attention to your servant’s prayer and his plea for mercy. Hear the cry and the prayer that your servant is praying in your presence." 2 Chronicles 6:19

We bowed our heads and prayed right in the middle of a busy retail store with associates and shoppers all around, but in this moment it was just us and Jesus Christ with God’s blessings pouring down and the Holy Spirit filling him up.

After we prayed I saw a miracle, this man was joyful and changed.  Jesus is the only thing that can do that! And it only took one prayer, one moment, two willing souls reaching out for the healing spirit of God, through Jesus Christ.

Challenge: Pray over someone today.  You are the light of Jesus to a dark and lost world. You can do it sister! Greater is HE who is in you … then he who is in the world (satan) You have the power of God’s Holy Spirit inside of you, use it!  God bless you.

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