Thursday, December 13, 2012

Beautiful Feet's Secret Agent Santa

Beautiful Feet’s Secret Agent Santa
by Jenn V.
Beautiful Feet's Secret Agent Santa is a wonderful ministry for the inner city children of Ft. Worth, TX.  Every year people like you and me take on the task of providing Christmas for one or more children that may not have presents to open on Christmas morning.  One night every December, Beautiful Feet gives a Birthday Party for Jesus for the children of The Feet.  While they are enjoying cake and ice cream at The Feet, hundreds of adults are caravanning around downtown Ft. Worth, delivering presents that they bought for them to their parent’s homes.  This ministry has opened our family’s eyes to how the real world lives.  Here I was thinking I was going to be “the blessing” for them and these sweet parents and families that we were visiting were actually blessing us!  Ever since we started volunteering at The Feet, our family hasn’t been the same since and we plan on making this a Vaught Christmas Tradition for many years to come.  For more information on how you can help families at Christmas in your area, try Googling “Christmas providers” with your zip code.  For more information or to donate at The Feet, go to

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