Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Harvest Bark

Featured Recipe by Jenn Vaught
Fall Harvest Bark

1 pkg of CandiQuik in Vanilla
1 pkg of Snyders Snaps pretzels
1 pkg of Brachs candy corn
1 aluminum baking sheet or cookie sheet
Parchment paper or Crisco

1.    Line a pan with parchment paper or spread thin layer of Crisco on bottom and sides of pan.
2.    Follow instructions on candy pkg for melting options. I like CandiQuik because it comes with its own melting pan for the microwave.
3.    Spread melted candy in pan evenly.
4.    Add pretzels. (I like Snyders Snaps because they look like little bales of hay for fall.)
5.    Fill in empty spaces with candy corn.
6.    Let set in fridge for about an hour.  Break off pieces when ready to serve.

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