Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Story - Review

Impressions from “The Story” Music Tour on December 2, 2011
By Amy G.

At the last minute, I was invited to attend the musical tour of “The Story” this past Friday night.  I went expecting a holiday performance, but was surprised by what I ended up experiencing.  The production consisting of 18 contemporary Christian songs written by Dove Awards winners chronicling Genesis to Revelation,  songs that were inspired by the Old Testament, songs that were written and sung from the perspective of Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Ruth and Naomi, David, Daniel, Esther, and Job.  And that was just before the intermission.  The last half of the program was moving with songs from the perspective of Mary, Jesus’ ministry, the thief on the cross, Mary Magdalene, the disciples, Paul, and then the Rapture. These songs were sung with an amazing theatrical video backdrop and  performed by STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN, NEWSBOYS, FRANCESCA BATTISTELLI, NATALIE GRANT, SELAH, and ANTHEM LIGHTS.

This was a journey through the bible like no other and one that will leave me changed forever. 

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