Wednesday, November 29, 2017

What I Want My Children To Know Before They Leave Home

Traditions Make Life Special
 "Remember the days of old; consider the generations long past. Ask your father and he will tell you, your elders, and they will explain to you." Deuteronomy 32:7

Traditions are unique to each family. They are the simple things we do each year to commemorate an event or make a holiday special. They are the things our children will remember about their family.

God is very traditional. He personally told the Jewish people hundreds of times to remember things that He had done for them, places they had been and events that had taken place. It was God who set up the Jewish holidays knowing that without them, the people would forget who they were and how they got there.  Annual events gave the parents an opportunity to tell their children the amazing things God had done and give Him glory.

I want my children to know how important tradition is to the memories of our family and important events in life.  I want them to have a desire to start traditions on their own both now and in the future with their own family.

Discuss with your children what traditions they enjoy in your family as well as  possibilities for new traditions they might be thinking about.  Remember to give God a special place in your traditions so that the stories of God's amazing love will continue through all generations.

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