Sunday, July 6, 2014

Less Judging More Loving

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When I have gone through struggles and a trusted friend or family member steps up and validates my feelings and especially sympathizes with me, I feel so loved, understood, and comforted. It also bonds me to that person.
Allowing yourself and others to be vulnerable and transparent brings healing and relationship.

The writer sums it up perfectly in this post.

Less Judging More Loving (Click link below)

Here’s an excerpt…

“We are all the same. Each one of us have walked difficult roads. Whether that is in our family, friendships, marriages, parenting, or personal addictions or struggles, we all fall short.”

“Stop judging. Start healing. We need each other. We need each other’s strong to find our strong. We need each other’s best to find our best. Stop competing and comparing, stop tearing down and destroying. Enough already. The world already has enough critics, we need encouragers.”

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