Saturday, February 1, 2014

February - Random Acts of Kindness

The Season of Love - 14 Random Acts of Kindness
  • Leave a love note for your sweetheart
  • Make a special after school snack for your child
  • Call your mom (or dad) and tell her you love her
  • Leave a treat for your mail lady
  • Give an edible treat to your co-worker
  • Bake some love cookies for your office
  • Give $5 meal cards to your garbage men
  • Give someone a One Year Bible
  • Make up and give away a love bag for a homeless person
  • Tape a tract to your local ATM
  • Invite a neighbor to dinner
  • Have your children deliver a Valentine treat to a neighbor
  • Send a sweet note thanking someone who led you to Christ
  • Bring a sweet treat to your favorite cashier or service worker

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