Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Family Matters

Family Matters
Right Judgement
By Amy Gentry

Do you ever find yourself comparing your children?

Jacob and Esau were compared from birth and throughout their lives - heel grabber, hairy, skillful hunter, country man, content around the tents, and the cook were some of the names used to describe these two.

Where did this get them in life? Did they grow in character? No. Jacob used deception to steal his brother birthright and Esau was called a source of grief.

Comparing one child to another is really a type of judgement. As parents we label/judge our children based on their interests, personalities and habits. But this is not in line with scripture, "Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.” John 7:24

So what is the RIGHT JUDGEMENT?

-God saw a mighty nation coming from Abraham.

-God looked at Moses and knew we would be a great representative for Him to Pharaoh.

-God put Ester in the palace to speak for the protection of His people.

-David would be a warrior king with a heart like God's.

-Peter would be called "The Rock" on which God would build His church.

-And Saul, a worst persecutor of Christians, would make a great evangelist to the Gentiles.

God's right judgements were edifying and built other up. He did not judge by personality, he judged by the potential of their character. My daughter recently told me that a godly woman we know has made a huge impact on her life because every time we see this lady she compliments my daughter on something inside of her that is not easily seen.

(Ex: You have such a compassionate heart, one day God will use it in a mighty way. You will change someone's life. I just know it.)

CHALLENGE: How can you edify your child by appealing to the potential of their character, something not easily seen, hidden or even something that lies ahead?

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