Monday, August 27, 2012

When We Stop Praying

When We Stop Praying
by Suzie M.

Recently, my younger sister called me with bad news.  She wants to divorce her husband.
They haven’t been getting along for a few months now and she had come over to talk about things a month ago however, I was not expecting a “we are splitting up” call. 
The day she called me I experienced all the stages from shock to anger to sadness.  As I was replaying the conversation in my head and saying everything to myself that I wanted to say to her on the phone but the Holy Spirit would not let me talk, God slapped me over the head with this thought.  “How much have you prayed for this marriage Suzie?”
I knew there were problems, she came to me and told me.  Oh I prayed a couple of times but what God showed me today was two things: 1. That He loves everybody!  He loves all sinners!  He loves you, me, my sister, and her husband.  Every lost sheep He goes after, searching and not giving up.  2. I should have been on my knees praying for this marriage every day.  How many times do I pray for my friends, other people but my own family is far from Christ and I haven’t made them a priority on my prayer list?
As I sat in my bed about to read my bible, because that’s what I do when life throws me a curveball.  I vent a little then go to His Word.  This great song came on the radio about redemption.  The Word for You Today was also about redemption and having a repentive heart.  So my prayer is this, for my sister and brother in law to repent and for Jesus to redeem their marriage.  He is bigger than any marriage problem, bigger than any marriage.
My One Year Bible reading for that day was in Acts 12.  Peter is in prison about to be executed by Herod.  He is sleeping then is awakened by an angel of the Lord telling him to get up and get dressed.  Then he is taken out of the prison.  He thinks he is dreaming!  No Peter, you are not dreaming!  The Lord delivered him!  His friends had been praying all night long for him.  He was in what looked like an impossible situation about to die!  Nothing is too hard for God and when people are praying in agreement He shows up in a big way.
I have texted and called all my prayer warriors and I am asking you also to please pray for my sister and her marriage.  Please pray for God to get in their faces.  I am expecting God to move in a big way to bring her back to Him and her husband.
Challenge:  When someone tells you of their problems or even if they are walking in total rebellion, don’t dismiss it, PRAY for them!  Don’t stop until Jesus finishes his work.

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