Wednesday, August 22, 2012

7: an experimental mutiny against excess

What is 7: an experimental mutiny against excess ???
When we heard about this book, we were quite intrigued about this challenge.  Some of us more than others!
This book is about the true story of author, Jenn Hatmaker, after being called “rich” by a child who was staying with her family in the shadows of Hurricane Katrina decided to take a closer look at what she truly valued.  Her family identified 7 areas of excess and took 7 months to systematically combat overindulgence.
Jenn took this challenge for 7 months – 1 month per area of excess, unfortunately the Titus 2 Women writers are not half the woman she is.  LOL!  Therefore, the 6 of us will be reading this book and observing this challenge by identifying the same 7 areas of excess but taking the challenge for 2 weeks per area of excess.
Food, clothing, spending, media, possessions, waste and stress!
For 2 weeks we will only be eating seven foods, then for 2 weeks we will wear seven articles of clothing, for 2 weeks spend money in seven places.  Then we will eliminate the use of seven types of media for 2 weeks, we will be giving away seven things each day for 2 weeks (watch for garage sale signs), 2 weeks worth of living green, and then we will be still in the presence of the Lord for 2 weeks by observing “seven sacred pauses.”
WHY???  To discover a greater dependence on God – to develop a simple and generous life that reflects Christ.  To be radical and to shake ourselves up.
Here is the fun part:  Every Friday, starting August 24th, on Facebook we will be sharing our battles and blessings from that week.  Pssst… Expect a little whining.

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