Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Happy Purim! How to Celebrate

Happy Purim!  How to Celebrate
Carri Lynne Pratt

Join in the celebration!
8 Great Ways to Celebrate Purim:
1. Fast - The day before Purim is known as Esther's Fast
2. Hear the Megillah read aloud
3. Give gifts to the poor
4. Give food to friends
5. Cook traditional foods
6. Play Purim music
7. Dress up!
8. Host a meal

Read more details about the above at Purim Guide here

A few Purim Links for you:

Printable Megillah with Jewish laws  here Purim Mega Site here

One Night With The King - the movie about Esther  watch here

Purim in Jerusalem is a colorful and fun time to be in the 'city of gold' with events taking
place across town to celebrate the Jewish holiday which is a favorite among the masses.
A number of Purim events will take place around the city from carnivals to parties. 
There's something for every age and every interest. 

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