Friday, August 5, 2016

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess

Marriage isn't supposed to be easy. It's no fairy tale no matter how wonderful of a wedding you planned. 

To succeed in a rewarding marriage you continually lose parts of yourself everyday. 

Being great together makes you better, if you allow it to. It refines you (like children also do, especially teenagers ;-). 

Marriage reveals the worst parts of ourselves. Examples like: selfishness, fear, jealousy, protective walls, unforgiveness, anger, pride, hurt, and so on...

If you hold onto those kinds of things they will destroy any possibility of the intimacy and oneness that marriage was created for. 

Looking back on close to 23 years of marriage, I can't help but see an amazing redemptive plan for us as individuals that wouldn't have happened w/o the marriage. 

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