Friday, June 9, 2017

New Perspective > New Horizons

New Perspective > New Horizons

Written by Kim's 18 year old daughter, Grace 
 a Titus 2 Young Woman

"When Moses' hands grew tired, they took a stone and put it under him and he sat on it. Aaron and Hur held his hands up- one on one side one on the other- so that his hands remained steady until sunset."
~Exodus 17:12

"Life is not a solo act. It's a huge collaboration, and we all need to assemble around us the people who care about us and support us in times of strife."
~Tim loneliness

The single biggest mistake any women can make during a time of adversity is to think she is completely alone. It is incredibly easy to allow depression and anxiety to cling to your heart and entice you towards the wrong mindset, the mindset that it's you against the world. 

I'm here to tell you that a mindset similar to that one is the most toxic attitude you can possibly bring into your relationships and into your future. When I was a freshmen and sophomore in high school that is exactly how I felt and it was reflected in the way I treated people and the way my future was coming together. 

Through the help of an incredible support system, some counseling and nutritional supplements I was able to overcome the depression and anxiety that had overwhelmed me and reach my full potential. My sophomore year I was intimidated by the simple task of doing my coursework on time and I never would have dreamed of joining any sort of extracurricular. But by simply shifting my perspective, by my junior year I had acted in the school musical, discovered the confidence to walk into the debate room despite having never done it before and walked away my senior year with a STATE Championship and a newfound love for the activity, was awarded two high grade point averages, and got into the honors program at Texas A&M University. 

A couple of weeks ago I was sorting through the various grad gifts I have gotten and I saw one from my best friend's two aunts. It was an exceptionally thoughtful gift and bittersweet considering I had grown up knowing them and now I would have to say goodbye as I moved into an uncertain future. As I looked through gifts from other people who had caused an impact during my formative years I was suddenly moved to tears. It took me a couple of seconds to comprehend what I was feeling, but I realized that my tears were tears of sadness for my former self. As I considered my life, I knew that I have an amazing support system, made up of my parents and my friends and my family friends and all the other people in my life who have helped bolster me in my times of need and propel me towards who I am today and who I will still become. I cried for the person I was back during my freshmen and sophomore year, I cried because she had no idea that her sadness and her struggles could be so easily remedied if she had just reached out and asked for help.

Just because you are struggling doesn't mean it needs to get any worse. Let the scales fall from your eyes, like Paul's did on the road to Damascus (Acts 9) and realize that your support system is there you just need to reach out to them. Your weaknesses are a part of you, embrace them and allow others to embrace you to reach your full potential. My suffering has become my testimony and my forlornness has been replaced by gratefulness for the people in my life who stood by me and refused to let me give up. 


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