Saturday, October 19, 2013

Scattering Seeds

Scattering Seeds … The Cruise Ship
By Carri Pratt

My most favorite luxury in life is to be floating on the ocean watching God’s creation from our cabin’s balcony.  Everyone has their very favorite vacation and this is definitely mine.

During my family’s summer vacation this year God seemed to give me a new awareness for the people living on the ship who served the passengers each day.  I have always “loved” them for serving me and making my week wonderful, however, this time I felt God’s love for them.  When I spoke to some of them I could see the hurt and lonely look in their eyes as they talked about their families back home.  I did what I could to cheer them up, even if it was just a smile.

I went to the spa, as I normally do between fun and working out, and was greeted by one of the ship’s doctors.  The Holy Spirit lept inside of me as I just knew I was there for a purpose.  I talked to him about where he was from (India) and asked what type of religion he practiced.  He told me he was seeking and I knew what I had to do.  We had to talk about Jesus.  I asked him if he knew who Jesus was and he said yes.  We then talked about if he believed the Bible was true.  He again said yes.

The most crucial part of witnessing to another soul, that I have mimicked from my pastor, is to share the true revelation that God is a Holy God who cannot be in the presence of sin.  We must acknowledge that we are sinful creatures by nature who need the blood of Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, who was crucified in our place, was buried and who was raised on the third day to conquer death, to cover us and forgive us of our sin.  We also need to make a decision to repent from our sin and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and remain in close fellowship with Him.  We discussed all of this and I could see that he was ready and that he wanted the salvation only Jesus could offer.

I asked him, “If you died today, where would you go?”  He looked at me and we connected, he then said he didn’t know.  My heart breaks every time I hear this response because I know that this is a little lost soul that Jesus must have revealed to Peter, as Peter writes:
“He Himself bore our sins
in His body on the tree,
so that, having died to sins,
we might live for righteousness;
you have been healed by His wounds.
For you were like sheep going astray,
but you have now returned
to the Shepherd and Guardian of your souls.”
1 Peter 2:24-25

Jesus cares for these souls, He died for these souls, and He lives for these souls.  Shouldn’t we?

I took a leap of faith and asked him if he wanted to be certain he would be with Jesus and with God in heaven.  He said YES!  That is the most beautiful music you will ever hear.

We prayed the salvation prayer together and I could not resist giving my new brother a big hug to welcome him into our family.

One huge thing he said was that before he started working on the ship he worked in an office where the office manager would write a Psalm on the board each week.  He said he was drawn to reading the Word of God and would ask her to explain it to him.  God bless that woman, whoever she is, for simply writing a verse on a chalkboard.

There are many touches along the way to the salvation of a soul.  You can be a part of that road by simply saying, “Yes Lord”.

Challenge:  Sisters!  Listen up… It is your turn!!!  You have little lost souls all around you waiting for you to reach out to them.  Be the blessing they are looking for by leading them to Jesus.

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