Tuesday, April 30, 2013

T2W'S Favorite Things

T2W’s Favorite Things

I love WD40!  I know that is a weird declaration from a woman, but I do.  Why?  Because I am a messy eater.  Still confused?  I often drop food on my shirt and then after washing it I discover a big, ugly grease stain that did not come out in the wash.  Do you know how many shirts I have thrown away due to big, ugly grease stains?  I could have single handedly clothed a moderately sized family for several seasons by now. 

Directions:  Once you have discovered the big, ugly grease stain, lay the shirt flat and then spray the front of the shirt evenly with WD40 and wash and dry as you normally would.  One more shirt saved from the landfill!
2,000 uses for WD40 (printable PDF)

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