Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Scattering Seeds...

Scattering Seeds … The Car Accident
By Carri Pratt
It was my daughter’s fifth birthday.  We climbed into the car and headed for school.  We sang Happy Birthday to her and asked the typical birthday questions on our ride to the elementary.  The light ahead of me was turning yellow and I began to slow down and come to a stop.  Unfortunately, the car behind me failed to stop and plowed right into my trunk.

I looked around to see if my two sons and daughter were all ok.  Everyone was fine.  I then proceeded to get out of the car to see who it was that hit me.  As I approached the other vehicle I was met by a young girl who was obviously on her way to the high school down the road.  I immediately imagined if this were my daughter in front of me and thought about what a scary moment this must be for her right now.

I asked her if she was ok and the tears began to well up in her eyes.  The Holy Spirit inside of me could not be contained.  I reached out to give her a hug and told her it would be ok.  I am sure I was prompted because the next words out of my mouth were, “God was really watching out for you.  This may not have ended so well.”  She agreed.  I then asked her if she went to a local church.  She told me she did occasionally but that her parents did not attend.  She also admitted to me that she had never been baptized.  I told her I was being prompted to tell her that she should really talk to her pastor about salvation and being baptized.  She agreed and we exchanged information.  Both of our vehicles were able to be driven and we parted company.

Although I never spoke to her again I did mail her a Bible and an information sheet on salvation and baptism and I prayed for her several times.
In that moment God allowed me to see how I would have wanted my daughter to be treated.  He also showed me that this girl was either His daughter or would be soon.  He wanted me to show her compassion and I am so very glad I followed His promptings.

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