Monday, July 3, 2017

Women Gone Wise - Week Five Children

Women Gone Wise - Priority 3 Children
by Amy Gentry
Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.”
Psalm 127:3

At an annual brunch for local moms, how would you be introduced as you walked up to the podium? A.) The Drill Sargent B.) The Hot Mess C.) The Best Friend D.) The Imposter E.) Missing In Action F.) All That and a Bag of Chips G.) None of the above

Conversation Starter:  
Do you know the love languages of everyone in your family? 
RESOURCE: Love Language Text PDF- Post everyone’s love language and description in a central location so everyone in the house can know how to love each other.   

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

     Conversation Starter:  What questions can we ask our children to find out  their inner thoughts?

RESOURCE: How to Win Your Child’s Heart Discussion Guide – When you have your child’s heart, you can train them.  Children want you to have their hearts.

     CHALLENGE: Unplug in your child’s presence for 24 hours and give a report next week. (No tv or phone when the child is in the room :-I  ).

Prayer: Lord, We trust you to be our guide in this parenting gig. We love and praise you. 
We want so very badly to be intentional with our children that grow up so fast. Please help us get started and stay focused building a strong relationship while we still can.
Lord, we know that rules without relationship creates rebellion. 
Please let us not wrongly focus on behavior and miss valuable opportunities to build them up and love them through tough stages. Help us to love and give acceptance unconditionally as you do. Please love them through us and take away any lies of the enemy that we may be believing about the children that keeps us from relationship. 
Father, instruct us by your Holy Spirit how to properly train them up without being frustrated or angry. In Jesus name, Amen

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