Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Don't Let the Dark Side Fool You

Don’t Let the Dark Side Fool You
By Jenn V.

SCRIPTURE:  Malachi 4:6 (NIV) “He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers.”
Poor Darth Vader, if only he had not listened to the Dark Side and kept his wife around to edify him more in front of the kids, maybe he would have turned out a better father to Luke and Leia.  Yes, I have three boys and I can almost quote these movies word for word!  Sad, but true!  Seriously though, as Titus 2 Wives, edifying your husband in front of your children, not just for Father’s Day but all year round is impactful.  Edifying is defined as instructing someone especially so as to encourage intellectual, moral, or spiritual improvement in their being.  When we demonstrate to our kids the value of a father’s place in the family, we are teaching them several things: 
1.        To be thankful if they have their father living in the same house.  Because of the high divorce rate in America and even in Christian homes, about half of all children do not have a father living in their home. 
2.        To demonstrate the importance of the marriage relationship by voicing how you esteem him, especially when he’s not around to hear you and even when he is.  This models a Christ-like home that they can use as an example for the rest of their lives. 
3.        To teach them how they can relate to God, our Heavenly Father who provides for us, just like our earthly fathers do.  
This Father’s Day, make it a Father’s Day weeklong event or weekend event.  Make his day special and get your children involved in the planning process.  Whether it’s new golf clubs, a few rounds of golf, or simple pictures drawn and letters written by the kids, dads aren’t picky!  They love everything (well, but not that ugly light-up tie with fish on it)!
CHALLENGE:  Make a point to speak highly of your husband at least once a week in front of the kids while he is around or not.  Make it a life-long habit!

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Nan said...

So true! Positive public affirmation is so important for our loved ones.