Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer Book Club

Summer Book Club
AHH!  The lazy days of summer have just begun.  Rewind!  There will be no laziness in our home!  We have Vacation, VBS, Camps, Weekly Movies, NRH2O (waterpark), and lounging by the pool.  In between play dates, house cleaning, hanging out with friends and preparing for another school year.  Although, it would not be summertime for me if I wasn’t catching up on some reading.
With that said Titus 2 Women will be launching our Summer Book Club on June 1!  As you might know by now we enjoy books written by Sally Clarkson and love sitting at her feet gleaning godly wisdom.
We will be reading her book titled Dancing with my Father .   Order your copy now online or run to your nearest bookstore.  We will read a chapter a week and then discuss the chapter here on our blog.  Each of the six of us will contribute what spoke to us through each chapter and we want to encourage you to also contribute through either our Facebook  page or leaving a comment on the blog.
We are so excited to be reading a book together as a community!  All of us on Titus 2 Women love to read and we could probably open up our own library with all our books.
So get ready, get your book and a big glass of sweet tea.  June 1st we will have a kick off on the blog then check in every Friday with that week’s comments. 

Let Your Soul Dance with Delight in God

Do you sometimes feel victimized by circumstances? Are you overwhelmed by weariness, fear, or discouragement? Do you wonder, Where can I go to claim the promise of Jesus that my joy could be made full?

When trusted author and mentor Sally Clarkson noticed a lack of joy in her own life, she realized how easy it can be, especially for women with overloaded to-do lists, to feel weighed down by drudgery and disappointment. But rather than slogging through her days, Sally wanted to know the delight of God's presence. She began prayerfully exploring how to cultivate deep-rooted joy even in the midst of difficult seasons.

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