Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Family Matters

Family Matters ... Do Moms have Value?
Carri Pratt

"But Mom,  you don't have any value." This is what my twelve year old son told me this morning and it pierced my spirit like a sharp sword.

What exactly do you say to that except, "WHAT??? Are you kidding me???" 

Of course my sweet husband gallantly stood up for me and immediately required him to write an essay on The Value Of My Mom, to be due before any t.v. or video games could ever be enjoyed again. (sweet!) 

So, lets take a look at this from the mom's perspective. I know hundreds of articles have been written on this subject, but honestly, they don't hit home like when your own child speaks these words over you.  I mean yes, I expect push-back from the world for opting out of the working world while my children are young, but not from my beloved family!

Here is the problem, he was looking at value like it should have a price-tag upon it. He sees that I do not bring home a paycheck and that means I don't add value. So, I had him look up the word value and it said:

VALUE - Noun
1.  Relative worth, merit, or importance:

the value of a college education; the value of a queen in chess.
2.  Monetary or material worth, as in commerce or trade:

This piece of land has greatly increased in value.
3.  The worth of something in terms of the amount of other things for which it can be exchanged or in terms of  
some medium of exchange.

I then asked him what the value of his salvation was to him. This did not come to him at a monetary cost but it was more valuable than any amount of money. It did come at a high cost to Jesus, but it cost Him his life, not his bank account. 
It is so important that we teach our children that value does not always mean money. What is the value of a mom? She is PRICELESS!!!
"The Lord values those who fear Him, 
those who put their hope in His faithful love."  
Psalm 147:11

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